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Best in the Business

Absolutely outstanding!! Jasper is the best in the business. I would not go anywhere else. He has done the impossible to help me. I'm very thankful that I decided to use his service.

- Joseph B. 5/10/2021

Incredibly Knowledgeable, Patient and Kind

Mr. Brock was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and kind. He set realistic expectations and exceeded them. Undoubtedly, the best person to have on your side during a stressful legal matter.

- A M. 4/16/2020

Had My Case Settled Within a Matter of Weeks

Jasper Brock is an amazing attorney! I have a colorful past due to years of addiction. I finally have my life together. I’ve started a family and a business. A charge from the past came up during a traffic stop and I was looking at going to prison for some time for a 3rd felony conviction. Jasper had my case settled within a matter of weeks before we even had a chance to go to court. I’ve dealt with countless lawyers and none of them really looked out for me like Jasper. He’s also gave me a much better price than the other attorneys I called!

- Eric Lanclos. 3/24/2020

I HIGHLY Recommend His Law Firm

Mr. Brock is very professional and supremely knowledgeable with the law. Besides that, he handled my case and as if I was his own son or a relative. He didn’t charge me exorbitant fees or mislead me in any way. Very honest and a man with great integrity. I HIGHLY recommend his law firm. You will not find a better man.

- Dustin May. 2/12/2020

Fought Hard to Get Me Cleared of All Charges

Jasper Brock is one of the best if not the best criminal attorney in south Louisiana. He took my case when a public difinder wouldn’t. He believed in me and he fought hard to get me cleared of all charges. I would recommend him for any legal matter. He did a power of attorney for me so my family could take care of everything for me while I was in jail.He is working on a lawsuit for me now and everything is looking good in my favor. So if you need any legal help give him a call. He is affordable and you get results.

- Scott Brooks. 1/11/2020

Reasonable with His Cost

Mr. Brock was extremely helpful to my daughter. He was also reasonable with his cost.

- Alys Richardson. 10/15/2019

Knowledge and Professionalism

- Marie Brock. 10/5/2019

The Way to Go

Sonja Bradley is the way to go

- Debbie Rogers. 2/1/2019

Experienced, Extremely Responsive, Knowledgeable and Most Importantly Honest

Mr. Brock provided me with legal advice and guidance during a very difficult time and situation. I found him to be experienced, extremely responsive, knowledgeable and most importantly honest about everything. Mr. Brock never steered me wrong and always left me calm and confident about choosing him and the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Jasper Brock to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and needs at the forefront. If the need would ever arise again, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Jasper Brock. Jasper Brock’s professional manner and ethics are of the highest standard. He has tenacity coupled with a degree of tenderness but will never lose site of the end goal which is to protect, defend and have the best outcome for his client.

- Scott Ricci. 1/28/2019

Great Lawyer with Reasonable Prices

He's a Great Lawyer with Reasonable Prices, and wonderful service.He was able to get my case dismissed and im living in Houston,Texas !

- Bryson Mc. 0/10/2019

Can’t Say Enough

I was arrested for Possession of Schedule I (Heroin), PWITD Schedule II (Crystal Meth), Driving Under Suspension, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and No headlights. Mr. Brock managed to get The charges dropped to ONLY Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, I simply had to pay my court costs and was not even put on probation. I can’t say enough about Mr. Brock’s ability as a criminal attorney. I do not believe any other attorney could have gotten me a better deal and working with him on my case was a pleasure. He is friendly, honest and doesn’t judge. The best part is he does everything for a very reasonable price. 😊

- T Chaney. 0/9/2019

All Charges Dismissed, Saved My Life

Without Mr. Brock's defensive litigation, I surely would've spent several years incarcerated. I was beyond relieved when all charges were dismissed at my motions date. I cannot thank you enough for your diligent work! I'm so thankful that you handled my case and saved my life. Bless you and thank you so much!

- Corey O. 5/17/2021

Apparent from The Beginning that He Was Knowledgeable

Mr. Brock was very helpful in getting my case dismissed in a timely manner. He was readily available to answer all of my questions and emails before my appointed court date. It was apparent from the beginning that he was knowledgeable about my legal issues and he made sure to put me at ease during the whole process. I would highly recommend Brock Law Firm to anyone seeking legal help!

- A Gregory. 0/9/2019

Got the Job Handled in A Quick and Timely Manner

Great lawyer and resonably priced. Got the job handled in a quick and timely manner. I am a truck driver and I approve this lawyer.

- Mario & Tanya. 11/17/2018

Extremely Knowledgeable

Mr. Brock was extremely knowledgeable in helping us with an uncertain legal situation we faced. We are grateful for his professionalism and proficiency with the legal system. We would highly recommend Brock Law Firm for your legal issues!

- Tracey White. 7/7/2018

Went Above and Beyond

Me Brock was the most fair on pricing and stood by every thing he said he would or could do! He went above and beyond to make sure our case was handeled professionally and in a timely manner. I would recommend Jasper Brock to any and everyone!

- Nicole Knox. 6/27/2018

Strongly Recommend

Mr. Brock did what the PDA wouldn't do for my son. He was there to answer questions, he understood what we were all going through, and made it possible for my son to get the help he needed without being behind bars. He was willing to work with us and open to our ideas. Charges were dropped and reduced because of Mr. Brock! We are very thankful for his help. Strongly recommend.

- Shonda's PR parties. 6/24/2018

Handled My Case Quickly and Efficiently

He handled my case quickly and efficiently. He was recommended to me and I'll recommend him to anyone.

- Jeremy Tanner. 6/17/2018

Does Go the Extra Mile for His Clients

Jasper is the best attorney.He does go the extra mile for his clients.He knows the law and will defend you with all he has .Thank you Jasper.

- Selina Morris. 4/18/2018

Doing What Other's Wouldn't

Goes the extra mile for his clients, doing what other's wouldn't. One of the best attorneys around!

- Prince Plauche. 3/24/2018

Awesome the best attorney

- Selina Morris. 2/11/2018

Incredibly Helpful and Respectful

Mr Brock was incredibly helpful and respectful, and seeing him took away some of the embarrassment I felt over facing a criminal charge. His fee was very reasonable and he immediately familiarized himself with the details of my case. Although I didn't hire him until one day before my first appearance, he was able to appear in court on my behalf AND get my case dismissed on day one. I have spoken to others who faced a similar charge without representation, and the outcomes were vastly different. I highly recommend that anyone facing a criminal charge contact Mr Brock.

- Nikki Primrose. 7/24/2017

Not knowing too much about lawyers and the court system I was highly referred to BROCK Law Firm in Livingston, LA. Mr Brock put me at ease immediately and directed all my court situations as they came up. If looking for a great lawyer may I recommend BROCK.

-William Sean Aplin