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Drawing on years of knowledge and success for clients, we can help you navigate the justice system with confidence.

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Each client's situation is unique. We take the time to really listen to your story, and provide strategies that suit your needs.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Livingston, Louisiana

Attorney Jasper Brock

Jasper Brock


After graduating from LSU in 1988, Jasper entered Tulane Law School. While researching cases from every part of the legal world, he became most interested in criminal law. After earning his J.D. in 1991 and taking on a big criminal defense case as a law clerk, it became clear that this was his passion. Now, as Attorney Brock leads a top criminal defense firm in Livingston Parish, he enjoys forming trusting relationships with his clients while doing everything he can to defend their rights.


"After landing my first criminal defense case after law school, I knew I wanted to help people and fight for their rights. This continues to drive me as a dedicated criminal defense attorney."

Jasper Brock

Protect your future & your freedom

Anyone who has faced criminal charges understands how harmful a conviction can be. A conviction on your record could lead to a lifetime of devastation. Difficulty finding employment, renting an apartment, or winning custody of your children – these consequences and more often hang in the balance. You deserve to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, working to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

For over 25 years, we've been collaborating with individuals across the entire parish of Livingston, Louisiana to help them defend themselves against accusations. From domestic violence and drug crimes to simple traffic violations, we treat every single client and case with personal attention.

Charges of a drug crime can cause irreparable damage, both emotionally and physically. If you've been charged with possession, trafficking, or dealing, call a dedicated criminal defense attorney right away to start the process of protecting your freedom. Here at Brock Law Firm, we hope to provide an excellent service to you during what could be some of the most difficult and trying times of your life.

As someone facing criminal charges, you know how overwhelming life can suddenly become. Allow us to handle your case with true professionalism. Commit yourself to a brighter future by reaching out today to schedule a free consultation with our office in Livingston, Louisiana.

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Theft of a Motor Vehicle

Outcome: reduced to criminal mischief
Sentence: 10 days time, already served

Residential Contractor Fraud

Outcome: charged dismissed
Sentence: none

Attempted 2nd Degree Murder & Possession with Intent to Distribute

Outcome: attempted murder dismissed
Sentence: Three years of probation

Bond Reductions

$141,000 to $40,000
$61,000 to $10,000, (contingent on enrolling in drug rehab)
$50,000 to $10,000
$75,000 to $20,000

regain your future | reduce your bail bond

Judges can sometimes hand out incredibly costly bail bonds. As if being charged for criminal activity wasn't enough, you are now faced with paying a ridiculous amount in order to secure your freedom before your court date. At Brock Law Firm, we understand. We've been serving Livingston, Louisiana for decades, including the cities of Walker, Watson, and Albany, achieving reduced bail bond amounts for our clients to help them regain their future.

The first step in seeking a bond reduction is to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney to file a 'motion' to lower the bail. You and your attorney may also need to file additional motions to continue the process. Whether or not a judge approves bail bond reductions depends on the unique circumstances of each case.

When your future is at stake, it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for you and your attorney to collaborate. Your attorney needs to come up with a very specific strategy on what you will present at your bond reduction hearing, and how you will present it. Here at Brock Law Firm, we've gained the trust of judges, prosecution, and the courts in Livingston, Louisiana. Our reputation can help you seek a favorable, reasonable outcome.

Don't wait to reach out to our skilled, experienced law firm for aggressive representation when you need it the most. If you need help after being charged with a serious crime, like a drug crime or theft, or you need help making bail, turn to Brock Law Firm in Livingston right away. We proudly serve Springfield, Albany, Parish, Watson, and Walker, Louisiana.